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"Axioma de Constructibilidad" solo show by Felipe Pantone, 2019
Exhibition Coordinator

Felipe Pantone is one of the most outstanding artists on the international scene today. His exhibitions, installations and interventions in the urban space have made him an icon of contemporary art in the main cities of the world.
This young artist based in Spain has managed to combine the influence of the great masters of Optical and Kinetic art such as Victor Vasarely and Carlos Cruz-Diez, with a contemporary language and a personal proposal that reflects on the superabundance of information, the speed of the universe digital and our relationship with screens, reality and light in the world of the moment.
"Axiom of Constructibility" will feature works specially made by the artist in his workshop in Valencia, Spain, in addition to others produced for the exhibition at the Articruz workshop in Panama. It will also include a section dedicated to dialogue with the work of the master Carlos Cruz-Diez, whom Pantone recognizes as an important personal and artistic reference.

Joel Bracho Ghersi

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