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BLACK AND WHITE – Marion Art Gallery, 2020.

The presence and absence of light determine the field of the visible, what we can and cannot see. That is why light has always been an instrument and fundamental concern of artists. The history of art could be traced from the representation, presentation, manifestation or play of light in the works.
In the midst of these searches, black and white appear as the embodiment of the absolute values ​​of light and its absence. They are the modulators par excellence of the rest of the colors, the tones that moderate their occurrences and interactions.
But for some artists, black and white can become the focal point of an exploration: making its purity the focus of an aesthetic experience capable of moving the viewer. Black and white then go from instrumental representatives of light, to protagonists who dialogue with the feelings, emotions and perceptions of the spectators.
For this collective exhibition we wanted to bring together a series of works that participate, each in its own way and according to the discourses and proposals of each artist, of that interest in exploring the limits of light and its transit between the extremes of white and the black. We invite you to participate in this experience with us.

Andrea Hidalgo Martí

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