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"Dislocating New York" by Rafael Barrios. NY, 2021.

From the mesmerizing PARK AVENUE PROJECT in 2012, where 9 monumental sculptures over 17ft high were installed between the 55th and 68th street, to the present day, master Rafael Barrios has evolved in his artistic discourse, experimenting with infinite materials, concepts and media. Always seeking to manifest the aesthetic virtualism that exists in space and time.

Rafael Barrios, for more than 40 years, has played with form, has altered the laws of geometry by suspending volumes that seem to levitate, allowing through art, access to a new way of perceiving reality.

Galleria Cá D’ Oro is honored to present one of the richest solo exhibitions of the artist with his most recent work and experiments that challenge our perspective and encourages our imagination. We invite you to: “Dislocating New York”.

Andrea Hidalgo Martí

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