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“El Color Haciéndose” by Carlos Cruz-Diez, MAC  Panama, 2019
Project coordinator

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) of Panama presents a retrospective exhibition of the famous Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez. Recognized as one of the most relevant figures within the Latin American kinetic movement, Cruz-Diez exhibits more than six decades of projects and works under the title El color haciéndose (Color in the Making).

Inaugurated on June 23rd, in its first week the exhibition exceeded 4,000 visitors -a record in the history of the MAC-. The exhibition was conceived based on a pedagogical exploration of the domain of chromatic phenomena by Cruz-Diez. Thus, under the curatorship of the Articruz group -atelier for the development of works of contemporary art based in Panama-, there are 39 artworks that are part of El color haciéndose.

At the same time, within the framework of the exhibition, the Cruz-Diez Art Foundation prepared a series of workshops and seminars that will take place until August 18, when the exhibition ends. The objective of these activities is to bring to the general public some of the elements and the constitutive concepts of the artist's production. In short, make the chromatic language of Cruz-Diez more accessible.

A peculiarity of the exhibition is the wide spectrum of the exhibited works. With 95 years, Carlos Cruz-Diez has lived in Paris since the 60's. From there, his research on color -including Couleur Additive, Induction Chromatique and Transchromie- has marked his production. The 39 artworks that are presented in the MAC cover all that time space and allow, thus, discover the transformations of the artist career, his language and, above all, his conception of art and color.

El color haciéndose, in the MAC of Panama is an unprecedented show that brings to the Latin American public one of its greatest legacies in regard to the field of contemporary art.

Joel Bracho Ghersi

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