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LIU BOLIN in Panama, 2016 
Project Coordinator


During the month of May, 2016. The Chinese photographer Liu Bolin made an ambitious project in Panama, in which in just three days of intense work, he developed three of his famous photographs in which he uses paint over his clothes and face to disappear over the image background.

In the first photograph, Liu Bolin hid 17 people in a specially prepared set with local and international magazines and historic documents of the time of the construction of the Panama Canal.

On the second day, the team moved to the Canal to take a photograph on the gate of one of the new locks of the Canal expansion. In this photograph, in which the only camouflage is Liu Bolin standing in the middle floodgate, the artist wanted to show an emblematic place for the country that will witness the future communication between Panama and the world.

The third day, the project was completed with an iconic photograph that quickly circulated social networks and news portals: Liu Bolin and Carlos Cruz-Diez together in the studio hidden in one of Carlos Cruz-Diez’s Chromatic Inductions.

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