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"Streenetic" by Donaldo Barros, 2019 

“Streetnetic” is the artistic proposal by Donaldo Barros (DoBa) in which he uses photography as a means to build abstract images. They are urban photographs in which the everyday reference passes into the background through experimentation with light and movement.

Influenced by the great masters of optical and kinetic art, Donaldo Barros proposed a different approach to the street as a place of work and artistic experimentation. In this project he leaves aside the documentary photography for which many know him and concentrates on the creation of abstract works.

“Streetnetic” is the first individual exhibition of Donaldo Barros and is held at Marión Gallery as part of the Fotoseptiembre 2019 circuit, in which different galleries and cultural centers of the city participate, under the coordination of MAC Panama.

Joel Bracho Ghersi

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