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"Timeless" by Max Guevara, 2022.

The life of yogis is not measured by the number of days, but by the number of breaths. Physicists use the variable “t”, chemists measure time by substances and cooks recognized time as a cooking method. Our experience of time is actively created by our minds, it is the root of the way we organize our lives.

However, time is only a dimension in space, it has no specific direction. The final direction is an experience manifested by our mind, as authors of our reality. Art is understood as a space of creative freedom, a dimension of consciousness manifested in tangible objects.

“Timeless” by Max Guevara is a purification of the concept of time where his geometric and abstract elements, converge to create a creative dimension without formal schemes, providing a new way of understanding time, space and form through art.

Andrea Hidalgo Martí.

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